Testimonial: Stefan Lux

On the way into the darkroom

My daily pen wobbles until I am stopped by a scratch in my otherwise flawless routine paper. I am transfixed by this growing blackness on my daily office paper. The blot of ink gnaws at my habitual words until my paper disintegrates.

I am in the darkness now, guided by the earth, a light and a voice that holds my hand for three weeks. Your hand holds a pen in the darkness, writing light in my mind, sometimes caring but at one time firm to remind me to turn my book of live with many pages to come. That dark enveloping blot of ink is your start to arrive in a place where new words are born on new pages, where planets and the earth are connected through our turning hands. With time and through time in the darkness, I caress your guiding words on my skin after an extraordinary journey through the depths of myself.

I smile for no reason to other people with words coming out of the depth of my soul. I sing a spiritual song of long forgotten love for life in my dreams during the day, which becomes night after your voice lingers hours after your have left the building covered in darkness but with growing light from within.


Dark room retreat
Darkness comes nearer.
It is playful, like my youth
Finally I look into your mirror
and search for your truth.

Space bends in darkness
not limited by reflections.
My echoing daily madness
is revealed in my projections.

Where is your guiding voice
smooth as silk, sometimes firm
In this darkness I made a choice,
to this expanding live I affirm.

Poking at darkness
I poke at you darkness
and move through you.
My form is a breakthrough,
to you I am brightness.

You are around my corner
in my shadow at high noon
My dance reveals in full moon:
“never mind being a mourner”

My kindest regards