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Dark Room | RETREAT

The higher Inner Alchemy Formulas, which traditionally were practiced in caves, are now taught in a  complete darkness environment, within a modern and comfortable setting, created to facilitate the teaching and practice of higher level Taoist Alchemical Meditation.


In the highways of life today, our frequent fellow travelers are stressed, defined as alienation from the Divine, and fear, a projection of the ego guard. We struggle with emotional control, yearning to break out of the box into a life of quality. In our hearts, we wish for meaningful lives with better health, enriched by love and flowers. Yet it takes courage to leave the familiar road and head for the unknown hills and the horizon.

Every February at the Universal Tao Center in Thailand, a master offered to provide a journey to enlightenment, a darkroom retreat for twenty-one days. Based on the Tao teachings dating back 2,500 years ago, Mantak Chia, a visionary teacher of the ancient wisdoms, created a modern cave, a womb where one could withdraw from the world in safety and five-star comfort with other seekers.

Brave souls prepared to see the light, convinced that once they see the light, they can become the light. They came alone and in pairs, each one an explorer on a vision quest, urged by their inner voice.


Where is the Dark Room Retreat located?
The Darkroom is situated inside a spacious brick condominium. On the first day of the retreat, the interiors are dimly lit for a few hours, enabling the participants to familiarize themselves, imprinting landmarks of the physical space of their inward journey to the transcendent. The accommodations are arranged comfortably with fully equipped bathrooms and air conditioning. All light sources are switched off at the fuse box or taped over. Not a speck of light showed.
Is really Dark?
Yes, it was absolutely dark. Our work crew was very thorough about sealing out the light. Then, on the first day they came inside to check every space and every room to search out the tiniest speck of light. While it was bright and sunny outside, they searched with a vengeance until there was not a renegade crack or pinhole that a speck of light could sneak through. Everything that glowed in the dark, such as some dimmer-switch soft-glow lights, was thoroughly covered with opaque electrician’s tape so that no glow could escape. There was no question of adjusting and getting used to the dim light—there was no dim light! There was only absolute pitch-black darkness everywhere in the Darkroom environment.
Do I have to share my room?
Although a few people had a room to themselves, everybody was paired with another person, either as a roommate or as a contact person, to provide support and safety in the event of any problem or confusion that might arise. This worked very well. Many people were strangers to each other—being from different countries, cultures and language backgrounds. It was beautiful. Being in the dark on equal terms—equally blind, searching our way, sometimes bumping into each other, sometimes getting lost just trying to get back to our rooms—we helped each other. In cases where personal differences didn’t mesh well, solutions were found and changes were made. Everything worked out fine. We forgave each other for the outer minor inconveniences as we journeyed within ourselves. As we sometimes confronted our own pettiness within over minor annoyances, we built friendships and feelings of respectful love for those around us. Nobody was imposed upon.


higher states of divine consciousness,



Grand Master Mantak Chia



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Grand Master Mantak Chia

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This health retreat is a training center for well being, meditation, Tai Chi and Qi Gong.
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